Visited today the paternal home and the grave of Greek revolutionary Agis Stinas (real name Spyros Priftis) in his village Spartilas (Σπαρτύλας) at the island of Corfu (Κέρκυρα). Since the 1930s he was among the first Greek socialists to refuse to be fooled by the ideological mantle of the USSR and documented the political assasinations conducted in Greece by Stalinists against leftists, trotskyists, and anarchists. With the passing of time he drifted towards libertarian socialism. Castoriadis considers Stinas as his "political mentor and father".

A quote from Stinas' 'Memoirs': "We have the naivety to ask the comrades if they will explain to us why the bureaucracy is not counter-revolutionary by its nature and social origin. What is this “dominant and privileged social layer” which it is false to identify with the bureaucracy?”



Some texts of his are available in English here:

It would be great if one day this house was to be turned into museum!

*From the Facebook page Yavor Tarinski (with Nikos Kanenas and Ioanna Mara)