The need of Oreo (Beauty) is a rhythm for human existence.

And the whole world’s life revolves around this need, which gave birth to arts and sciences and systems. Everyone pursue beauty passionately as their own. And those who cherish it in their neighbor want it for themselves, as well as those who cherish it in themselves. So many photographers were better paid because they took flattering portraits; and many entreaties, and tall stiff collars, and privations served as means strictly for our finest appearance!


And how many diplomas did we pursue, exerting ourselves in forced labour, only to appear as fine physicians, fine lawyers, fine professors, fine presidents, fine artists, fine priests; fine ugly people!


And how many sacrificed their lives, in order to look as wonderful as heroes!

And weren’t they lost throughout their attempt?


And don’t the aesthetics of morality exist for the sake of beauty?


We are moral so as to reveal our hidden charms, which are often nonexistent.

And we could accept this need of beauty as a pararhythm for parahuman paraexistence, if only we paid attention to the tunes in which things are singing our sufferings to us.


For as long as we exist we need to disdain beauty, modesty, art, science, religion, the system, to be able to cherish life, the ugliness of life, the nakedness of life, the nescience of life, the immorality of life, the anarchy of life; in a single word, the truth of life. To scare all beautiful deaths away from us! Until the modest and imposers shall go far off, far away, and there alone, having nowhere to demonstrate their modesty, and their imposition, and their beauty, shall look at each other, in the mirrors of their shortcomings, to stay dead. And when the deaths shall die, nature will mourn over no funeral of life. And even though we’re suffering today, for as long as we live let us not cherish beauty. It is a condition devised by the ugly.


At least let us pretend that we can see beauty from the gallery of society where we’ve situated ourselves.


So piteous are those who sit in the first balconies and watch closely the beautiful actors!

The ugly; what awful parahumans! One’s afraid to compare them even with the elderly!


Who among apes could believe that they would discover beauty and morality for their paraexistence?


People should not believe in beauty. Because it is the revolver ugliness wounds them with.


And why should they see their shedding blood even in their sleep, since nothing can stop the bloodshed, and since the ‘capital’ and ‘virtue’ and ‘modesty’ and ‘virginity’ are silk tissues that they have stained so much, they no longer deign to get them cleaned, not even by the vulgarest washerwomen, and through contact contaminate even more the bleeding wounds of those who cherished life!

—doctor Saraphides

Excerpt from the ‘Joyful Science’, written by the libertarian physician G.Saraphides and published in Cairo; first released in the Greek magazine of Egypt Nea Zoi (‘New Life’), v.51, 1908; Greek original retrieved from No God–No Master http://ngnm.vrahokipos.net See ‘Greek, Italian and other anarchists in Egypt – A historical chronicle’ at the same site